Take a few minutes to meet some of the frontline heroes of CAP to learn about their connection to Mutual of America.

America was built on the promise that every family should have the opportunity for success. Yet, the uneven economy has put a good quality of life out of reach for too many Americans. The National Community Action Partnership (NCAP) works hand in hand with the nation’s more than 1,000 Community Action Agencies (CAAs) to help low-income individuals open the door to greater opportunity for themselves and their families.

Mutual of America is proud to be the preferred retirement plan provider for the Community Action Partnership (CAP) since 2005, as well as to provide retirement plan services to more than 350 of its member agencies. “It is so fulfilling to oversee our NCAP relationship and work with the CAP network, who are all so dedicated to bettering the lives of the people in the communities they serve,” said Lisa Loughry, Senior Vice President of National Accounts. “Working closely with the leadership of these agencies on ways to design their retirement plan to meet the needs of their employees, while also showing their employees how we can provide a path to a financially secure retirement, is incredibly rewarding. So is hearing an employee say, ‘Thank you for coming to see me.’ Knowing the work our offices across the country do to reach all employees at all locations is truly what sets us apart from our competitors.”

Enhancing Retirement Readiness


CAP members nationwide (also called Community Action Agencies or CAAs).


CAP member agencies using Mutual of America as their 403(b) or 401(k) plan service provider as of December 31, 2020.


CAA employees that Mutual of America serves for their retirement savings needs.

Sharing a
Common Vision

Community Action Partnership, Client since 2004

Denise Harlow - NCAP

Denise Harlow

Chief Executive Officer of National Community Action Partnership

Denise Harlow, Chief Executive Officer of the National Community Action Partnership (NCAP), recognizes that collaboration and responsiveness are critical to delivering the timely information and life-changing solutions that Community Action Agencies need to help low-income individuals achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency.

“Collaboration and responsiveness are essential not only to the work we do in the community, but also when it comes to creating an effective retirement plan for our own employees,” says Harlow. “Since 2004, Mutual of America has provided genuine value to NCAP, both in the quality of their retirement plan options and in the various ways they support our mission and goals. Few, if any, retirement plan providers are as committed to their clients and the communities they serve as Mutual of America.”

Empowering Families, Revitalizing Communities

I‑CARE, Inc., Client since 2012

Bryan Duncan - I-CARE

Bryan Duncan

Executive Director of
I‑CARE, Inc., and NCAP Board Chair

Community Action Agencies like North Carolina-based I‑CARE, Inc., do extraordinary work in extraordinary circumstances. “The hope and help we provide community members who are struggling to make ends meet are a bright light during difficult times,” said Bryan Duncan, Executive Director of I‑CARE. “Each individual and family has a unique story. We listen carefully for opportunities to be of service, offering referrals to meet essential needs, such as food, housing, jobs and childcare. At the same time, we work with clients on self-sufficiency and educational needs to help them achieve a brighter future.”

“The retirement plan we offer through Mutual of America, along with our 4% employer match, are among the most effective ways to reward our dedicated workers, who often forgo higher-paying jobs elsewhere in order to advance the greater good with us. Diego Ramon, our local Mutual of America representative, does an outstanding job of encouraging employees to make saving for retirement a priority and helping them to create a plan for reaching their goals.”

Together, We Can Make a Difference

West CAP, Client since 2021

Peter Kilde - West CAP

Peter Kilde

Executive Director of
West CAP

For more than 55 years, West CAP (West Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency, Inc.) has provided a critical safety net for low-income individuals and families across seven Wisconsin counties. In a largely rural region, where the need for supportive services often outpaces available resources, Executive Director Peter Kilde credits a strong network of partners with helping West CAP to leverage its impact. “Our entire community benefits when we work together for the greater good.”

This collaborative spirit infuses West CAP’s mission—and its culture. So, when Paul Wierzba, Field Vice President at Mutual of America’s Milwaukee office, showed how West CAP could save on retirement plan costs by joining together with other small Wisconsin Community Action Agencies, HR Director Jessica Rudiger immediately wanted to know more.

Jessica Rudiger

Jessica Rudiger

Human Resources Director, West CAP

“The economies of scale that Mutual of America passes along to us will enable our employees to put more of their money to work for their retirement,” said Rudiger. “We’re just a month into our transition to Mutual of America, and we already see how partnering with this hands-on, caring organization is going to benefit our employees for years to come.”

Employee Perspectives


The Mutual of America retirement plan at I‑CARE was one of the benefits that encouraged me to make the transition from my previous job to my current one.”

Jessica Spain I‑CARE, Inc., On-Site Administrator

One of the great lessons I learned from Mutual of America is the importance of not putting all my eggs in one basket in terms of my retirement savings. I try to have a diverse asset allocation that mirrors my risk tolerance and where I am in life.”*

Jenna Byrd I‑CARE, Inc., Assistant Director of Children’s Services

*Diversification does not guarantee investment returns or eliminate the risk of loss.

Retirement stuff has always been a bit over my head. Because of Mutual of America, I understand things better now and have a better grasp on what I should be doing to save and prepare for retirement.”

Jemimah Vettrus West CAP Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager

I love checking my quarterly statements online. I check a lot of things from my phone, and the security measures Mutual of America has in place make me feel safe doing so. I know my information is secure.

Jenna Byrd I‑CARE, Inc., Assistant Director of Children’s Services