Mutual of America
Board of Directors

  • John R. Greed John R. Greed

    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Mutual of America New York, New York

  • Rosemary T. Berkery Rosemary T. Berkery

    Chairman and CEO (Retired) UBS Bank USA New York, New York Vice Chair (Retired) UBS Wealth Management Americas New York, New York

  • Kimberly Casiano Kimberly Casiano

    President Kimberly Casiano & Associates Inc. San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Wayne A. I. Frederick, M.D. Wayne A. I. Frederick, M.D.

    President Howard University Washington, D.C.

  • Earle H. Harbison, Jr. Earle H. Harbison, Jr.

    Chairman Harbison Corporation St. Louis, Missouri President and Chief Operating Officer (Retired) Monsanto Company St. Louis, Missouri

  • Maurine A. Haver Maurine A. Haver

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer Haver Analytics, Inc. New York, New York

  • Senator Connie Mack Senator Connie Mack

    Chairman Emeritus Liberty Partners Group Washington, D.C. Chairman Emeritus H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Tampa, Florida

  • Robert J. McGuire, Esq. Robert J. McGuire, Esq.

    Attorney New York, New York Former New York City Police Commissioner

  • Ellen Ochoa, Ph.D. Ellen Ochoa, Ph.D.

    Astronaut and Director of NASA Johnson Space Center (Retired) Houston, Texas

  • Roger B. Porter, Ph.D. Roger B. Porter, Ph.D.

    IBM Professor of Business and Government Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • General Dennis J. Reimer General Dennis J. Reimer

    33rd Chief of Staff U.S. Army (Retired) Chairman Army Emergency Relief Arlington, Virginia Chairman American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association Fort Myer, Virginia

  • James J. Roth James J. Roth

    Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel Mutual of America New York, New York

Election of Directors

Mutual of America policyholders and contractholders are entitled to participate in the election of Directors. The election is held each year on a designated working day in April. At each election, approximately one-third of the Directors are elected for terms of three years. Each policyholder and contractholder whose policy or contract has been in force for one year prior to the date of election is entitled to one vote per person to be cast in person, by mail or by proxy. Pursuant to Section 4210 of the New York Insurance Law, groups of policyholders or contractholders have the right to nominate one or more independent tickets not less than five months prior to the date of each election. Mail ballots may be obtained by writing to the Corporate Secretary at Mutual of America’s Home Office address, no later than 60 days prior to the date of election.

Mutual of America Boards

Mutual of AmericaCapital Management LLC

  • Stephen J. Rich

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mutual of America Capital Management LLC New York, New York

  • Mark C. Alexander

    Arthur J. Kania Dean and Professor of Law Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law Villanova, Pennsylvania

  • Theresa A. Bischoff

    Partner RC Consulting Group LLC Culebra, Puerto Rico

  • Noreen Culhane

    Executive Vice President (Past) New York Stock Exchange New York, New York

  • Nathaniel A. Davis

    Executive Chairman Stride, Inc. Herndon, Virginia

  • John E. Haire

    Chief Executive Officer (Past) Concern Worldwide U.S. New York, New York

  • Christopher C. Quick

    Vice Chairman Global Wealth and Investment Management (Past) Bank of America New York, New York

  • James E. Quinn

    President (Past) Tiffany & Company New York, New York

  • John J. Stack

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Past) Ceska Sporitelna Prague, Czech Republic

Mutual of America Investment Corporation

Mutual of America Variable Insurance Portfolios, Inc.

  • James J. Roth

    Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer Mutual of America Investment Corporation and Mutual of America Institutional Funds, Inc. New York, New York

  • Carolyn N. Dolan

    Executive Vice President, Head of Direct Client Investments Fiera Capital Inc. New York, New York

  • Stanley E. Grayson

    President, Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer (Past) M.R. Beal & Company New York, New York

  • LaSalle D. Leffall III

    President and Founder LDL Financial LLC Washington, D.C.

  • John W. Sibal

    President and Chief Executive Officer Eustis Commercial Mortgage Corporation New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Margaret M. Smyth

    Chief Financial Officer U.S. National Grid New York, New York

  • William E. Whiston

    Chief Financial Officer Archdiocese of New York New York, New York

320 Park Analytics LLC

  • Andrew Kramer

    Chairman 320 Park Analytics LLC New York, New York

  • William P. Hannon

    Executive Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management, Chief Risk Officer & Business Conduct Officer (Past) The Travelers Companies, Inc. New York, New York

Tributes to Retired
Board Members

Clifford L. Alexander, Jr.

Clifford L. Alexander, Jr.

Mutual of America gratefully acknowledges Clifford L. Alexander, Jr., for his 31 years of professional excellence, extraordinary service and unwavering commitment to the Company’s mission. Mr. Alexander, who retired in June of 2020, is in a class of his own for effectively serving as Lead Independent Director to all three of the Company’s Chief Executive Officers, helping navigate through numerous challenges during those years, which led to a tremendous period of growth for Mutual of America. His contributions as the Lead Independent Director, Chairman of the Law and Corporate Governance Committee, and as a longtime member of both the Executive and Nominating Committees, have been instrumental in Mutual of America’s success and growth from a small retirement association into one of the country’s most highly respected financial services companies. Mutual of America is truly thankful for Mr. Alexander’s unparalleled leadership, intelligence, sound business judgment, strength of character and unwavering integrity over the past three decades.

Frances R. Hesselbein

Frances R. Hesselbein

Mutual of America salutes Frances R. Hesselbein for her unparalleled 40 years of leadership, steadfast devotion and service to the Company. A renowned expert on the topic of leadership, Mrs. Hesselbein served on both the Executive and Nominating Committees and was the Chair of the Product and Marketing Committee, helping to guide the Company with her wisdom, insights on effective leadership and passion for caring, giving back and making a real difference in local communities. Her knowledge, understanding and deep connection to the nonprofit social welfare sector led to the creation in 1996 of the Mutual of America Community Partnership Award, on whose Selection Committee she served. Since then, 245 nonprofit organizations and partnerships across America have been recognized for creating unique, innovative and effective solutions to help those in need. Mutual of America is grateful for Mrs. Hesselbein’s years of dedicated service and will continue to be inspired by her example and leadership style.

Amir Lear

Amir Lear

Mutual of America recognizes Amir Lear for his significant contributions to the Company over the past 36 years, culminating with him being appointed as Vice Chairman in March of 2020. His strong business acumen, effective leadership and high ethical standards have well served the Company’s commitment to integrity, financial strength and strong long-term investment performance. Mr. Lear served on Mutual of America’s Board of Directors from 2016 until his retirement and was well respected for his ability to distill and effectively communicate complicated concepts. His insightful and innovative leadership transformed the Company’s investment division into a vibrant investment firm that has been instrumental in Mutual of America’s success and growth into one of the country’s most highly respected financial services companies. Mutual of America is grateful for Mr. Lear’s intelligence, sound business judgment, financial and investment expertise, and unwavering integrity. His influence will leave a lasting impact on the Company, its clients and the colleagues who worked with him over the years.